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Please note: The lineup of speakers for the 2023 conference is still being developed. However, check out last year's speakers to get an idea of the backgrounds that we gather for the event! If you or someone you know would like to be a speaker at our conference, send us an email (See the Conference Home page for the link)!

2022 Conference Speakers

The Dallas Chapter of the ACFE is one again lining up an exceptional group of speakers with unique knowledge and insights into matters affecting DFW area CFEs! Check back often as more speakers are announced!

Andrew Wirmani
Partner at Reese Marketos, Former Assistant US Attorney

Andrew is an experienced trial lawyer and former federal prosecutor. He has deep expertise in healthcare matters, including fraud enforcement and investigations. He leads Reese Marketos’ white collar defense practice. He also represents whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases and companies and individuals in high-stakes business disputes.

As an Assistant United States Attorney for nearly a decade, Andrew ran some of the Department’s largest, most challenging cases. He led the fraud prosecution of Forest Park Medical Center–a case described by media sources as the most important white collar case in Texas since Enron. Andrew also led the prosecution of the Dallas school-bus-camera scandal, one of the largest domestic bribery cases in history. Andrew handled hundreds of other white collar matters involving healthcare fraud, securities fraud, COVID-19 fraud, and cybercrime, and he oversaw public corruption cases for the Northern District of Texas.


Bart Bevers
Inspector General, City of Dallas

Bart started in the fraud industry in 1988 working for the FSLIC/FDIC as an asset manager and account officer during the savings & loan crisis. After law school he spent 10 years as an assistant district attorney in Smith and Dallas Counties specializing in fraud and white-collar crime cases. He has tried over 400 contested trials. He was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to run the HHSC-Inspector General’s Office in Austin, where he worked 8 for years. Currently Bart is the Inspector General for the City of Dallas. His certifications include: Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), Certified Public Manager (CPM), Certified Inspector General (CIG). Bart has been married to his best friend for 27 years and they have two children.

Dr. David Utzke Ph.D., CFE
Associate Professor, University of Advancing Technology

Dr. David Utzke has a lifelong learning educational philosophy which includes advanced degrees in computer science/programming, forensic accounting, international finance, global macro-economics and cryptoeconomics with 25 years of experience in cryptocurrency technology. Utzke’s interest in cryptocurrencies began in 1990 with the introduction of the first centralized cryptocurrency called Digicash. In 2009, with the introduction of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Utzke began the development of open-source blockchain forensic investigative techniques now used in his work as an agent with the U.S. government. He has led cryptocurrency initiatives involving several hundred cryptocurrency cases over the past five years, major enforcement actions, and trains and supports field agents in ongoing investigations. Utzke also continues to develop his computer coding skills in Solidity used in 2nd Gen DLT SCS (Smart Contract Scripting) and dApps (distributed applications) platforms.

Megan Munoz
Director of Education, Hetherington Group

Ms. Megan Munoz joined the Hetherington Group in 2022 as the Director of Education. She is an all-source analyst and instructor specializing in homeland security, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, radicalization, and intelligence analysis.

Prior to joining the Hetherington Group, she worked for the United States Air Force and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, managing a training academy that instructed in the tradecraft of intelligence for law-enforcement, first responders, and intelligence analysts across the region. Finally, she is a graduate level adjunct professor and doctoral student.

For more than 25 years, the Hetherington Group has led national and international investigations in corporate due diligence and fraud, personal asset recovery, and background checks. With a specialization in the financial, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries, investigations have recovered millions of dollars in high profile corruption cases, assisting on the investigations of the top two Ponzi cases in United States history.

Jeffrey Nolan
Partner, Holland & Knight

Jeffrey Nolan is an education and employment attorney based in Holland & Knight's Boston office who represents, advises, educates and helps clients nationwide manage conflicts, and enhance the safety of individuals and environments. Mr. Nolan conducts independent investigations of sensitive campus and workplace issues, such as reports of alleged sexual misconduct and/or sexual harassment, intimate partner violence or stalking, faculty misconduct and other workplace misconduct. Mr. Nolan is a Certified FETI® (Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview) Practitioner (CFP-B). The concepts covered in Mr. Nolan's witness-centered/trauma-informed investigation training programs as summarized in a July 2019 White Paper he wrote were cited approvingly many times in the Preamble to the U.S. Department of Education's May 2020 Title IX regulations. Mr. Nolan is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

John T. Holden
Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

John T. Holden is a William S. Spears Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Department of Management in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Holden’s academic scholarship is focused on legal and regulatory issues in the sports gambling industry. He is the author of more than 50 academic articles on gaming policy and related issues of corruption.

Holden has also testified and submitted written recommendations regarding the legalization of sports betting and daily fantasy sports on the state and national level. Holden also filed two amicus curiae briefs in the NCAA v. Murphy case at the Supreme Court. He has also been quoted in a variety of outlets including: the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

Holden is a native of the Toronto-area and licensed as an attorney in the state of Florida. He earned his Ph.D. from Florida State University, his LL.B. from the University of Ottawa, and his J.D. from Michigan State University.

Sean Crotty
Associate Professor, TCU

Sean Crotty is an expert in urban economic geography. His research agenda seeks to understand the spatial organization of processes that are, frankly, hard to map: the informal and illicit sectors of the economy, neighborhood effects on health, and historical changes to urban form, just as a few examples. Dr. Crotty’s primary area of ongoing research examines the locational characteristics of gray and black-market economic activity in cities across North America. The hope is to generate a more complete understanding of the operations of gray and black-market economies by applying spatial/locational analytics that are commonly used in the retail/business studies of the formal/legal economy. More simply, Dr. Crotty’s research treats firms operating in gray and black market economies like businesses, rather than as criminal activities, which provides a more robust understanding of those economic sectors. As affiliated faculty with the TCU Center for Urban Studies, he leads and supports projects examining a variety of issues in the greater Fort Worth community including community/economic development, infrastructure development, and neighborhood labor markets. He teaches a number of courses at TCU including World Regional Geography, Economic Geography, Intro to Geographic Information Systems, Digital Cartography, Digital Culture and Data Analytics Capstone course, and the Geography of Beer and Wine. He earned a B.S. in International Economics from Texas Christian University in 2003, a M.A. in geography in 2007 from San Diego State University, and a Ph.D. in Geography in 2012 from San Diego State University and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Joseph Mauriello, PhD
Director, Center for Internal Auditing Excellence 

Joseph Mauriello is the Director of the Center for Internal Auditing Excellence at the University of Texas at Dallas (“UTD”) where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the academic program. UTD is one of seven recognized centers of excellence in the US and twelve in the world, as designated by the Institute of Internal Auditors, and is currently recognized as the largest graduate program in internal auditing. Currently, Joseph teaches core courses in the graduate program including Internal Audit, Advanced Internal Audit, GRC, Data Analytics, and IT Audit. He also teaches various accounting courses including Financial Statement Analysis, Cost Accounting, and Managerial Accounting.

Joseph has more than 18 years of management and supervisory experience in accounting and auditing in both public company and consulting environments. He has expertise performing business risk assessments, ERM projects, anti-fraud program development services, performance improvement strategy assessments, quality assessment reviews, and fraud investigations within the Risk Advisory umbrella, along with traditional internal audit co/outsourcing and SOX Compliance project management services.

Past Speakers


ACFE President & CEO


Civil & Criminal Trial Attorney


Former CFO of HealthSouth
Convicted Fraudster


Cyber-security expert
Former FBI operative


Former Enron CFO
Convicted Fraudster


Former FBI Special Agent

Former ACFE Regent

Former ACFE President

ACFE Speaker of the Year

Ethics Expert 

Author, Trade-Based Money Laundering

Investigations Futurist

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